Houseplant Fertilizer

PLANT POTS - PLANTERS. Pottery for flowering perennials, shrubs, annual displays, and edible gardens with berries and mulberries! We carry  indoor and outdoor plant pots for nursery and garden center sales. Our black Poly nursery pots can be found here. Shop our indoor plant kit supplies, hanging baskets and planters,  houseplant fertilizer and Cactus Mix. Our  indoor ceramic plant containers and flowerpots are available in many sizes and colors and make great interior decor and garden gifts and can be used for  any of the 'Hot' and trending houseplants (listed as trending, by Garden Center Magazine, Nov. 2021) such as Orchids, Snake Plant, Sansevieria cylindrica, (also called African Spear, Skyline Spear), Chinese Money Plant , Fishbone Cactus, Happy Bean Plant, Bunny Ear Cactus, Mistletoe Cactus, Velvet Calathea, Blue Star Fern, String of Hearts, and African Milk Tree. We also have a large selection of metal plant standsplant containersgalvanized planters and floral buckets. 
To learn how to care for Cactus and how to repot Cactus and Succulents click Here.

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