Sunpack Digital Temp Controll

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Product Description

Heat Mat Temperature Controller

This digital thermostatic device allows growers to select and maintain optimal temperatures when germinating seeds or rooting cuttings for the fastest growth.
It is compatible with all SunPad heat mats, and most other 120V heat mats on the market.
Besides its horticultural uses, the Temperature Controller is also a great tool for homebrewing (maintenance of optimal fermentation temperature) and environmental control in reptile terrariums.
The controller contains UL Recognized components for safety and reliability.
Plug your SunPad heat mat into the Temperature Controller and then the Temperature Controller into the socket.

- Digital thermostat provides constant, uniform temperature control for germination, propagation, fermentation environments between 68 F-108 F(20 C-42 C)
- Temperature Display Range: 32 F-140 F
- Your choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit display
- Includes temperature probe with 6 ft cord
- Simple push-button operation with LED indicator lights
- 120 Volts/8.3 Amps, (1000W) max current/60 Hz