DTE Soluble Fertilizer Powders


For Fast Acting Results With Vigorous Plant Growth

DTE™ Soluble Fertilizers supply primary nutrients to encourage vigorous plant growth and increase bloom and enhance root development for more bountiful harvests. Our fertilizers are specially formulated to correct nutrient deficiencies and sustain plant growth while reducing stress during extreme heat or drought. Either in liquid or water-soluble forms, these fast acting fertilizers quickly penetrate leaves and root systems for quicker results.

Please note the “OMRI” and “OIM” logos located below the product, throughout the website. 

Certified organic operators are encouraged to check with their organic certifying agent to determine if any given product is acceptable before purchase, application and inclusion in their organic farm plan. 

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) independently reviews products and lists those that are suitable for use in organic crop production under the USDA National Organic Program Rule. 

The Organic Input Materials Program (OIM, CDFA) registers fertilizing materials to be used in organic crop and food production and comply with the requirements of the California Fertilizing Materials Law and Regulations and the USDA National Organic Program Standards.

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