DTE Natural & Organic Fertilizer Family

Down To Earth Fertilizers™ features a complete line of natural and organic fertilizers, soil improvers, soil amendments, composts, soil inoculants and potting media.  Examples of our top selling fertilizers are Azomite, Bio-Live, All Purpose Mix 5-6-2 , and Bone Meal. We offer soluble fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and a large variety of OMRI Listed fertilizers in bags, boxes and liquid form (for foliar application or soil drenches). Our long-standing partnerships, specialized manufacturing processes and commitment to honest organics allow us to offer true premium quality products. 

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Wholesale Biological Fertilizer with Mycorrhizal Fungi, Mycocrrhizae fungi for plantsNatural and Organic Potting, Compost and Seed Starting Soil Mixes for growimg plantsPremium High Performance Organic Single Ingredient Fertilizer for Growing PlantsPremium High Performance Organic Fertilizer Blends, Biolive,Acid Mix,Flower FoodDown To Earth Organic Garden Minerals -Gypsum, Dolomite and LimeWholesale Liquid Nutrients, Organic Liquid or Soluble Fertilizer for PlantsBulk Organic Fertilizer High Performance Organic Soluble Mineral Powder
Wholesale High Performance Organic Soil Amendments and Soil Improvers Supplier
Wholesale Organic Fish Fertilizer and Liquid Fish and Kelp for Garden Plants
Premium High Performance Solution Grade Fertilizer for Growing  Plants