5-minute mindfulness: walking

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by Douglas Baker

hardcover 144 pages

5-Minute Mindfulness: Walking: Essays and Exercises for Mindfully Moving Through the World

5-Minute Mindfulness: Walking is designed to help you take a mindful approach to commonplace activities, making them enjoyable, fulfilling, and relaxing.

Walking is the perfect activity for reflecting and relaxing. If approached mindfully, it can provide a window of calm in your everyday routine. Use these thought-provoking essays and short exercises to follow the path to inner calm to move beyond simply getting from A to B..

5-Minute Mindfulness also offers meditations that can be completed in just five minutes. "Five Second Thought" feature boxes take just a few moments to read and will give you food for thought for an entire day.

Attractive, compact, and accessible, this book works in harmony with the fast pace of modern life.


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