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Introducing The NEW Down to Earth MINI Box fertilizer line.
Our popular organic fertilizers are now available in convenient small boxes that make a great gift for any organic gardener.

Versatile Display Options
Garden Center / Plant Nursery POS
Hardware / Grocery Bedding Plant Areas
Checkout / Countertop Marketing
Easy to Display Rotation
Each Mini Box: 15 1/5" H x 4 1/8" W x 2" D

Specially Designed for
Organic Garden Newbies
Balcony and Patio Gardens
Indoor and Outdoor Containers
Square Foot Gardening
DIY Fertilizer Mixes
Beginning Organic Gardeners

Compact, High Impact Sales Display for Effective Counter Top Marketing and Easy Display Rotation. Enhances Container Gardening Supplies and Garden Accessories.
A Low Cost Introduction to our Down To Earth (DTE) Organic Fertilizer Line.

Display Unit includes 24 pieces (boxes) of our Organic Fertilizer Blends
Acid Mix 4-3-6 (1.0 lb), All Purpose Fertilizer 4-6-2 (1.0 lb) Starter Mix 3-3-3 w/Myco (1.0 lb) Rose and Flower Mix 4-8-4 (1.0 lb.)