DTE Natural & Organic Fertilizers




At Down To Earth, we are proud of our all-natural fertilizers and the support we have earned over the decades, from our loyal customers, dealers, and distributors. We have tried to honor the legacy of the organic farming movement that has enabled the success of the natural and organic fertilizer industry as we know it today. We manufacture our all-natural fertilizers with premium quality ingredients and list many of them with third-party organizations like OMRI for those who choose Down To Earth All Natural Fertilizers for their farm, garden, or yard. Simply put, our goal is to provide all gardeners the opportunity to improve their soils, plants, and produce for the benefit of themselves, their families, communities, and our planet.

Down To Earth™ features a complete line of natural and organic fertilizers, soil amendments, and potting media. They work with the microorganisms, fungi, and organic matter in the soil to feed plants and stimulate growth. Our natural fertilizers are carefully blended from the best sources of organic nutrients in ideal proportions without the use of synthetics, growth stimulants, or low-quality fillers like poultry waste. You can be confident that you are giving your farm or garden the best product available, whether it’s a multi-purpose blend or a specialized soil amendment.

Many DTE™ fertilizers are approved for use in organic crop production. Please note the “OMRI” and “OIM” logos throughout the website. Certified organic operators are encouraged to check with their organic certifying agent to determine if any given product is acceptable before purchase, application, and inclusion in their organic farm plan.

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) independently reviews products and lists those that are suitable for use in organic crop production under the USDA National Organic Program Rule. 

The Organic Input Materials Program (OIM, CDFA) registers fertilizing materials to be used in organic crop and food production and complies with the requirements of the California Fertilizing Materials Law and Regulations and the USDA National Organic Program Standards.

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