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Down To Earth Distributors, Inc. has been a trusted supplier of garden pest control products, and natural and organic lawn care pest control since 1977.

Many of these products are OMRI Listed for Organic Use.  
Here you will find a wide variety of garden pest control products as well as houseplant pest control products.
We stock natural pest control in popular brands like
 Arber, Bonide All Seasons, Monterey, Safer, Terro, Victor, Earth's Ally, Grower' Alley, Dyna-Gro, Ecoworks, Dyna-Gro, Peppermint Fury.

We also stock rodent control products and rodent traps, horticultural vinegar, and bio-pesticide.  We carry Neem oil, miticide for controlling plant mites, nematicide for killing nematodes, and fungicide products for fungal infections, copper-based plant fungicides, pyrethrin insecticide concentrates, preventative treatments, dormant oil sprays, foliar sprays, soil drenches for vegetables, fruit trees, nut trees, crops, indoor and outdoor crop application, nursery and turf applications. We also stock disease control and spider mite treatments for use on perennials and shrubs.