Lawn Care

Down To Earth Fertilizers Organic Lawn Care


Down To Earth Distributors, Inc. has been a trusted supplier of Natural and Organic Lawn Care Products for home, or turf applications, since 1977. 
We carry natural and organic lawn fertilizers in many forms and sizes, such as granular, soluble, and liquid fertilizers.
We have everything you need for a comprehensive lawn fertilization program.
For example, we carry many OMRI listed products for use on lawn and turf,  and our Bio-Turf 8-3-5 is a natural fertilizer, that is specially formulated for lawns and turf grass applications.

Suburban Lawn and Garden 

Lawn care defines how to keep a healthy lawn. This includes how and when to fertilize your lawn, aeration, and how to seed and weed your lawn. Lawn care includes weed and pest control products and application techniques, and how to water or irrigate lawn and turf grass. For Lawn maintenance of suburban lawns and gardens, we carry popular garden supplies and lawn tools, such as sprinklers and leaf rakes.
Our Natural Pest Control section includes Safer Brand Products. Many of our lawn care, turf care, and pest control products are OMRI Listed for Organic Use.  
For Lawn care Tips on how to make a lawn, or how to care for a lawn, Click Here.