Sales Form Packets- Sales Agreements and Order Form

Click on the images below to open the PDF documents. The Order Form is at the Bottom. 

If you are have questions regarding NET 30 arrangements, please call 800-234-5932 and speak with a sales person. 

Sales Policy Page 

Account Application Page 

Wholesale Credit Card Account Packet

Download form Packet Here(959KB PDF)

1. Introduction
2. Credit Application Sales Agreement
3. Resale Questionnaire
4. Shipping Questionnaire




Wholesale Net 30 Account Packet


Download form Packet Here  (2MB PDF)

1. Introduction
2. Wholesale Net 30 Credit Card Application / Sales Agreement 
3. Reference Sheet
3. Resale Questionnaire
4. Shipping Questionnaire



Commercial Farm & Ag Credit Card Account Packet


Download 4-page form Packet Here (735KB PDF)

1. Introduction
​2. Commercial Account Sales Agreement
3.Commercial End User Verification form
4. Shipping Questionnaire




Commercial Farm & Ag Net 30 Account Packet


Download 5-page form Packet Here (1.9MB PDF)

1. Introduction
3. Commercial Account Sales Agreement
4.Commercial End User Verification Form
5. Shipping Questionnaire









Download 2-page PDF form (797KB)