Our BASICS Line features Exclusive Products, made from natural materials, and designed with Quality, Value, and The Environment in mind.
These beautiful and durable products will provide years of everyday use, while helping to reduce the waste stream of disposable household products.


Coir Mats are made from coir, also called coco coir, a natural eco-friendly fiber that is a very durable natural product created from the tough fibrous outer husk of the coconut fruit. The fruit of the coconut can float in the ocean because the husk, from which the coir is made is very resistant to salt water. This makes coir a great choice for welcome mats because it can resist moisture in rainy climates, and withstand a lot of traffic. Coir is also used to make brushes, brooms, and ropes. There are records of coir being used for construction materials from the 11th and 13th centuries, and coir was used along with hemp, for ropes on the gold rush clipper ships.

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