Jam Jar 645ml Pack/4

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The jam jar's vintage design calls back to early Twentieth Century France, but it will bring back your childhood at the breakfast table, too. Faceted sides visually separate these jars from other containers and allow for easy handling.

Made in the heart of France since the early 1930s, Le Parfait is the glassware choice for discerning canning enthusiasts. From bulk commercial pallets to custom quantities by the case, orders can be customized to fit your needs. Food manufacturers will find that Le Parfait's classic design complements jams and jellies, pickles and chutneys, dried fruit and nuts or even sweet treats. They work equally well for bath and body products, such as creams and lotions, bath salts and candles
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Good for small batches of jams, jellies and marmalades
Perfect gift idea
645 ml
6.0" tall
Lids cannot be reused for canning purposes
Once the heat seal has been broken, the screw-top lid should only be used for short-term storage in the refrigerator