Complete Disease Control Gal

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Monterey Complete Disease Control

Active Ingredient: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
Foliar spray or soil drench

Fungal disease control: Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Botrytis, Early & Late Blight, Alternaria, Brown Spot, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotinia, Verticillium & Phytophthora
Bacterial disease control: Bacterial Spots, Pseudomonas, Fire Blight, and more

For control of plant diseases in and around homes and home gardens: houseplants, tropical plants, vegetables,
ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, lawns, flowers, bedding plants, and indoor and outdoor potted ornamental plants

Bee Friendly
Use up to day of harvest

1 gallon concentrate

OMRI Listed (Organic Materials Review Institute)

Made by Monterey Lawn & Garden