Autoflowering Cannabis

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DIY Autoflowering Cannabis: An Easy Way to Grow Your Own
by Jeff Lowenfels
paperback 176 pages
$24.99 US

DIY Auto-flowering Cannabis is a complete, full-color how-to guide to cultivating these small, container-grown, fast-producing, day-neutral plants, while reaping their many benefits. If you can grow a tomato, you can grow and enjoy auto-flowering cannabis; no special equipment required.
Written by gardening authority Jeff Lowenfels, DIY Auto-flowering Cannabis is a full-color, illustrated guide for everyone wanting to grow their own. It covers:

The history and benefits of auto-flowering cannabis
Its origins, chemistry, and growing habits
Step-by-step growing methods, including tips, tricks, supplies, and seed sourcing
How to harvest, process, and breed your new plants.