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The Hot Cat Catnip toy is a 6" tube of denim material filled with certified organic premium catnip.
It's a wonderful toy for cats because it's made of long lasting fabric that can withstand kicking, licking and chewing.

The top quality Cat Nip used in Hot Cats is Certified Organically Grown in Oregon.
They are very purrsnickety about quality!

Hot Cats Catnip Toys
Catnip cat toys are made in Oregon from organically grown catnip leaves and flowers. This colorful, eye catching display is filled with rugged denim twill rolls stuffed with catnip. They make a great toy for cats of all ages. Kerby and Killer (Down To Earth cats) both love their Hot Cats and act like kittens even though they are both senior cats. Catnip is a tonic for cats and is not addictive.

Minimum order of six