Big Foot Myco Root Boost 5oz

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Big Foot Mycorrhizae Root Boost 5oz

Big Foot Root Boost, is a microbial masterpiece. It is an Azospirillum based product that
has several different functions for the plant via root inoculation. This nitrogen-fixing mix is
perfect to use on seeds, starts, established plants, struggling plants, turf, and even cuttings!
Root Boost takes gas from nitrogen and fixates it into ammonia in the soil. This allows the plant to access it which is
vital for chlorophyl production. We achieve better performance than harsh nitrogen based fertilizers for a fraction of the
cost and its ecologically responsible.
Azospirillum brasilense proprietary blend to increase azospirillum performance.
Microbes: 1.0x10^7 cfu/gram

All Big Foot products are researched, designed, manufactured, and packaged by
the Big Foot team. Big Foot is one of the few mycorrhizal brands that is made by the
supplier. No white labeling, no repackaging, just pure craft by the creator!