Sunkit Mini Greenhouse System

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Sunkit Mini-Greenhouse System

This easy-to-use system includes everything you need to start your own flower or vegetable seedlings, propagate cuttings, and cultivate fresh herbs at home throughout the year. The high-quality BPA-free food-grade plastic used for the dome, tray, and insert makes it a great choice for herbs and edibles.
Safety is number 1 - SunPad is the only manufacture with a fully listed UL propagation mat

- BPA-Free 7-1/2" humidity dome with four adjustable vents
- BPA-Free 72-cell seedling insert
- BPA-Free 11" x 21" watertight base tray
- 8-7/8" x 19-1/2" SunPad TM LITE, UL Listed seedling heat mat with 6' cord
- The mat warms the rooting area 10 degrees F to 20 degrees F above ambient temperature.